Fraud Information

About Fraud Information

  • In order to get protected against fraud and counterfeiting incidents, never send money to person whom you do not know.
  • Never share the reference number, amount, recipient, etc. information for the transfer transaction with third persons.
  • In case that you are called to be said you won an prize and requested to pay a tax or commission to receive the prize, please consider that this may be an attempt of fraud and be careful.
  • Mind the persons who introduce themselves as a police officer, public prosecutor or public officer on the phone and request money from you. A public officer will never call you and request you to make a money transfer.
  • In case that you inherit something from your relatives living abroad, but a tax or commission is requested from you to receive that heritage, consider that this may be an attempt of fraudulence and be careful.
  • Always keep confidential the information on your money transfer transactions. If you think that someone is trying to deceive you, please contact the security officers and TRONAPAY Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş. via telephone: 0850 255 02 44.