Sent your money safely with Tronapay

How can I send money with Tronapay?

Wide Service Network

Go to the nearest Tronapay Point of Service with your valid identity document.

Fast Sending Form

Complete the Transaction form fully and accurately, and give the amount of transfer to Tronapay officer.

Instant Transfer

Share your Money Transfer transaction number (REFERENCE CODE) with the recipient.

  • Go the nearest Tronapay Point of Service with your valid identity document and complete the instruction form fully and accurately.
  • Give the formu, transfer amount ( TRY/US Dollars /EURO ) and charge to the Tronapay officer. If you want, you can change the currency to be transferred to the recipient. (To get further information on the currencies to be transferred through Tronapay, please see “In which currencies can I make money transfer to abroad with Tronapay?”)
  • You will need to sign the receipt given to you by the Tronapay officer after completing the transaction and receive a copy thereof.
  • The recipient can receive the money within minutes. You can send the Reference Number of your Tronapay payment transaction written on the receipt and sent to your mobile phone via SMS, to your recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You must have turned 18.
  • You must present a valid identity document.
  • You must make the transaction in the currencies of service. ( In Turkey, valid currencies in Tronapay transactions are Turkish Lira, USD and Euro.)
  • You must have a reference number for receiving the money sent to you through Tronapay, from Tronapay points of service.

Passport/ Republic of Turkey Identity Document/ Republic of Turkey Identity Card/ Driver’s License Bearing Photograph and Republic of Turkey Identity Number/ Certificate of Residence are valid.

Everyone of legal age can send and receive money through Tronapay, according to the legislation of the country. One does not have to have a bank account using the service of money transfer from a person to another.

There are upper limits for sending money abroad through Tronapay at one time. These limits are USD 10,000 for USD transfers, EUR 10,000 for EUR and TRY 50,000 for TRY transfers.