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Don‘t you want to expand your service area, gain new and potential customer everyday and create an additional source of income?

Advantages of

Tronapay Agents

Gaining new customers

You can add new customers to make money transfer to your available customer portfolio and increase your cross sales.

Providing your customers with a new service

Add a new one to your available services and strengthen your service network.

Generate a new income

Increase your available sources of income with money transfer transactions.

Recognition and prestige increase

Increase your recognition and prestige with new services and new customers.

Documents required to become a Tronapay agent

For private companies;
  • Identity card photocopies (photocopies of identity cards with a Turkish ID number)
  • Tax board
  • Address information (certificate of residence of last 1 month, invoice of last 3 months)
  • Notary certified signature declaration
  • Criminal record document (including archive record)
  • In transactions with power of attorney the identity and address information of the individual (“attorney-in-fact”) who receives the power of attorney
  • Balance Sheet-Trial Balance / Temporary Tax Declaration for the Last Period -Accrual Slip
  • KKB (Credit Bureau) report
For Companies having Partnership Structure;
  • Tax board
  • Identity information of partners and authorized signatories
  • Criminal record document of the partners (including archive record)
  • Authorized Signatures List
  • Trade Registry Gazette
  • Certificate of Activity
  • Establishment gazette for companies established before 2006
  • Balance Sheet-Trial Balance / Temporary Tax Declaration for the Last Period -Accrual Slip
  • Document indicating the latest Partnership shares in joint stock companies if not written in the Trade Registry Gazette (attendance sheet)
For becoming a member of Tronapay family that is a new and powerful structure in corporate standards and becoming a part of this advantaged world, you can complete the below form or contact us via phone 0850 4318767 or e-mail address

Agency Application Form

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