Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Tronapay is the company which obtained the activity permission from BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) with the Council Resolution dated 04.04.2019 and numbered 8320 in the scope of the law numbered 6493.

  • Go the nearest Tronapay Point of Service with your valid identity document and complete the money receipt form fully and accurately.
  • Give the form, transfer amount ( TRY/US Dollars /EURO ) and charge to the Tronapay officer.
  • If you want, you can change the currency to be transferred to the recipient. (To get further information on the currencies to be transferred through TronaPay, please see “In which currencies can I make money transfer to abroad with TronaPay?”)
  • You will have to sign the receipt given to you by the Tronapay officer after completing the transaction and receive a copy thereof.
  • The recipient can withdraw the money within minutes. You can send the Reference Number of your Tronapay payment transaction written on the receipt and sent to your mobile phone via SMS, to your recipient.
  • Go the nearest Tronapay Point of Service with your valid identity document and complete the money receipt form fully and accurately.
  • The form shall include the name and surname of the sender, the country of sending the money with Tronapay, the date of sending and reference number and your contact information.
  • Give the completed transaction form as well as your valid identity document to the officer to make your Tronapay payment transaction.
  • You can also request the Tronapay officer to make your Tronapay payment transaction to give your money received from abroad in another currency which is TRY, Euro or US Dollar. (To get further information on the currencies to be transferred abroad through Tronapay, please see ”In which currencies can I make money transfer to abroad with Tronapay?”)
  • Tronapay officer shall check the transfer, your identity and personal information, log in the system and shall issue a specific receipt for the payment transaction. Check your own copy of the receipt, receive your payment, sign the company’s copy of the receipt and deliver it to the Tronapay Officer.
  • Your money receiving transaction has been completed successfully.
  • You must have turned 18.
  • You must present a valid identity document.
  • You must make the transaction in the currencies of service. ( In Turkey, valid currencies in Tronapay transactions are Turkish Lira, USD and Euro.)
  • You must have a reference number for receiving the money sent to you through Tronapay, from Tronapay points of service.

Passport/ Republic of Turkey Identity Document/ Republic of Turkey Identity Card/ Driver’s License Bearing Photograph and Republic of Turkey Identity Number/ Certificate of Residence are valid.

Everyone of legal age can send and receive money through Tronapay, according to the legislation of the country. One does not have to have a bank account using the service of money transfer from a person to another.

No. It is sufficient to have a valid identity document.

The money transfer transactions you made through Tronapay are under the guarantee of Tronapay Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş. until the money is withdrawn.

There are upper limits for sending money abroad through Tronapay at one time. These limits are USD 10,000 for USD transfers, EUR 10,000 for EUR and TRY 50,000 for TRY transfers.

There is no lower limit for money transfers through Tronapay.

The expenses to be paid for money transfers to the local country and abroad through Tronapay may vary depending on the receiving country and amount to be sent. In order to learn the money transfer charges abroad and in the local country through Tronapay, you can check our price tariff available at our points of service or use our money transfer charge calculation tool available in our website.

No. You will not pay any charge, while you are receiving your money at the point of service. Charge is only collected from the sender who makes the money transfer.

The maximum amount while transferring money to Turkey from any country is under the rules of the sending country, and this amount varies for any country. There is no upper of lower limit of receiving the money transferred to Turkey from any country. You can make your transaction at the closest Tronapay Point of Service.

Tronapay ile yurtdışı para transferi işlemlerinizde Türk Lirası, Amerikan Doları ve Euro para birimlerinden istediğinizi seçerek gönderim işlemini sağlayabilirsiniz. Tronapay ile yurtdışına para gönderdiğinizde, karşı tarafın yolladığınız parayı hangi para biriminde alacağını, parayı gönderdiğiniz ülkenin kuralları dahilinde seçebilirsiniz.

You can receive the money transferred to you from abroad through Tronapay in Turkish Liras, US Dollars or Euros from all Tronapay Points of Service.

With Tronapay, you can make international money transfer from Tronapay Points of Service and via our contracted bank channels.

  • For your money sending transactions, make sure that you accurately gave the Reference Number to the recipient.
  • To receive the money sent to you, make sure that the Reference Number communicated to the Tronapay officer is correct.
  • If the problem is not solved in both cases, refer to the Tronapay officer who made the transaction or call Tronapay Call Center. Tronapay Call Center Phone Number: 0850 259 8558.

“In the local country;
Tronapay branches founded to act as a broker in the money transfer transactions,
and abroad;
Our contracted Banks, Institutions and Tronapay Agents.”

In order to find the nearest point of service where you can make a money transfer through Tronapay, please visit the following address:

Weekdays and Saturday: 08:30 – 19:00
Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00

When you send money through Tronapay, the money can be received by the other party within minuets, and the person to whom you transferred the money can receive it from the nearest Tronapay contracted point of service, with the information on the money transfer you made.

No. For your own security, only you can receive the money transferred in your name.

You can cancel your money transfer made, by coming to the point of service where you made the transaction, unless the recipient receives it.

For your Tronapay money sending transactions, you can take back the entire amount of the principal by coming to the point of service, unless the recipient withdraws the money. However, the transaction fee that you paid cannot be returned.

In your money transfer transactions, you can make a change by coming to our Point of Service where you made the transaction, completing a new transaction form and delivering it to the Tronapay officer, unless the recipient withdraws it.

The reference number given while making a money transfer through Tronapay (written on the receipt and received via SMS) means the Money Transfer Control Number. It is specific to the transaction and issued for one time only.

You can track the transaction you made with your reference number generated Tronapay specific to that transaction, at the address

You can send money to the name of your recipient, without the requirement of a bank account, at Tronapay Points of Service.

Currently, we are not able to make transactions with credit cards.

Please visit the following address, in order to get further information on the protection against fraudulence with Tronapay: