Receive your money safely with Tronapay!

How can I receive the money sent with Tronapay?

Come to Our Point of Service

Come to the nearest Tronapay point of your service with your valid ID. Click to learn our points of service.

Complete the Instruction Form

In order to receive the payment sent in your name, complete the instruction form fully and give it to Tronapay officer to make the transaction.

Communicate Your Reference Number

Communicate the reference number given to you by the person sending the money to the Tronapay officer and verify your identity. Receive your money.

  • Go the nearest Tronapay Point of Service with your valid identity document and complete the transaction form fully and accurately.
  • Give the transfer amount ( TRY/USD/EURO) and charge to Tronapay officer.
  • Sign the receipt given to you by the Tronapay officer after completing the transaction and receive a copy thereof.
  • Send the Reference Number of your Tronapay payment transaction written on the receipt and sent to your mobile phone via SMS, to your recipient.
  • Your money is at its address with Tronapay! Let the recipient withdraw the money you sent with the reference number within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Go the nearest Tronapay Point of Service with your valid identity document and complete the money receipt form fully and accurately.
  • The form shall include the name and surname of the sender, the country of sending the money with Tronapay, the date of sending and reference number and your contact information.
  • Give the completed transaction form as well as your valid identity document to the officer to make your Tronapay payment transaction.
  • You can also request the Tronapay officer to make your Tronapay payment transaction to give your money received from abroad in another currency which is TRY, Euro or US Dollar. (To get further information on the currencies to be transferred abroad through Tronapay, please see “In which currencies can I make money transfer to abroad with Tronapay?”)
  • Tronapay officer shall check the transfer, your identity and personal information, log in the system and shall issue a specific receipt for the payment transaction. Check your own copy of the receipt, receive your payment, sign the company’s copy of the receipt and deliver it to the Tronapay Officer.
  • Your money receiving transaction has been completed successfully.

Passport/ Republic of Turkey Identity Document/ Republic of Turkey Identity Card/ Driver’s License Bearing Photograph and Republic of Turkey Identity Number/ Certificate of Residence are valid.

No. You will not pay any charge, while you are receiving your money at the point of service. Charge is only collected from the sender who makes the money transfer.

The maximum amount while transferring money to Turkey from any country is under the rules of the sending country, and this amount varies for any country. There is no upper of lower limit of receiving the money transferred to Turkey from any country. You can make your transaction at the closest Tronapay Point of Service.

Tronapay ile yurtdışı para transferi işlemlerinizde Türk Lirası, Amerikan Doları ve Euro para birimlerinden istediğinizi seçerek gönderim işlemini sağlayabilirsiniz. Tronapay ile yurtdışına para gönderdiğinizde, karşı tarafın yolladığınız parayı hangi para biriminde alacağını, parayı gönderdiğiniz ülkenin kuralları dahilinde seçebilirsiniz.

No. For your own security, only you can receive the money transferred in your name.